Brightspace Purdue: How To Login To Purdue University LMS

Brightspace Purdue is that the Learning Management System (LMS) used at Purdue University. It’s the centrally supported LMS developed by D2L that supports instructional materials and student interactions.

How to access brightspace purdue

To access Purdue brightspace:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose your campus to log in to Purdue University Brightspace: Purdue West Lafayette, Purdue city, Purdue Global, Purdue Northwest.
  3. Enter your Purdue username on the login page.
  4. Then enter the password related to your account.
  5. And then, click on to the “Sign In” to access brightspace purdue learning management system (PLMS).
Brightspace Purdue Login Page
Brightspace Purdue Login Page

How to access grade feedback in the Brightspace Purdue

For almost every assignment, you must receive feedback via a rubric, written, audio, or a combination of those.

But first, what’s a rubric?

A rubric could be a scoring tool that explicitly represents the performance expectations for an assignment or piece of work. A rubric divides the assigned work into component parts and provides clear descriptions of the characteristics of the work related to each component, at varying levels of mastery.

Below are the steps on the way to access feedback in brightspace purdue when graded material is published.

  1. Locate the Assignments by selecting “Assignments” from the “Course Tools” change posture menu in brightspace purdue.
  2. Once in your course Assignments, you’ll see a full list of what you’ve got submitted, what’s undue yet, etc. *Note: Discussions aren’t listed within the course assignments.
  3. Here, you may see all of your submissions, grades, and feedback. Click to blue “Unread” or “Read” button next to feedback to access your feedback.
  4. Read = means you’ve got already read or checked out the feedback.
  5. Unread = means you have got yet to read or observe the feedback.
  6. Explore to the “Grades” segment of the course.
  7. Scroll to the Discussions section of the course. Your feedback are present on the right-hand side.
  8. In some cases, a lecturer may use a rubric to relinquish specific feedback. This may appear in your “Grades.” Click on the blue “View Graded Rubric” to work out specific feedback.

How to use kaltura for video assignments

You can utilize Kaltura to upload videos to your tasks or conversations in Brightspace Purdue. Kaltura permits you to transfer your videos safely all together that they’ll be seen exclusively by your teacher, or simply by your educator and colleagues.

Recordings transferred through Kaltura to a task are just perceptible by your educator; recordings transferred to a conversation will be watched by anybody with admittance to it conversation forum.

  1. Login to D2L Brightspace Purdue and open the course you’d wish to submit your video to.
  2. If you’re submitting a video to an assignment, click on the name of the assignment within the appropriate module. Alternatively, click Course Tools and choose Assignments from the drop-down to locate the assignment.
  3. If you’re submitting a video to a discussion, click on the name of the discussion within the appropriate course module. Alternatively, click Course Tools and choose Discussions from the drop-down to locate the discussion.
  4. In the accommodation region, click the Insert Stuff button close to the upper left of the text box.
  5. Click Add Kaltura Media.
  6. Click +Add New close to the upper right half of the screen and pick Media Upload starting from the drop.
  7. Simplified the video record from your PC into the spring up window or snap +Choose a document to transfer to go searching for the document. you’ll must scroll within the pop-up window to determine all available options. Your video will then upload.
  8. If the screen changes and you can not see the upload options, refresh the screen and click on on the Add Stuff icon again. Your video will have uploaded.
  9. Your video will process in Kaltura. Allow some minutes for the video to be converted by Kaltura. Click the Refresh icon at the upper right of the Add Kaltura Mediascreen to test video conversion progress.
  10. Once the video is prepared, click the Embed button to the proper of your video.
  11. You can preview the video if you’d like. Click Insert to feature the video to the assignment or discussion.
  12. The video is added to the submission window. You will favor to add text or other content at now. Once you are finished, click Submit.

How to enable brightspace purdue notifications

Purdue Brightspace doesn’t automatically send you updates or emails for your courses. To confirm you stay up-to-date with information your instructor sends, consider signing up for notifications.

  1. Click your name near the top-right and choose Notifications from the drop-down.
  2. Under Contact Methods,select the e-mail address you’d like notifications sent to. For best results, use your Purdue email. To vary your email address, select Change your email settings. You’ll also register your cellular phone number, if you’d like.
  3. Under Summary of Activity, select the frequency that you’d wish to receive email notifications of activity in Brightspace Purdue.
  4. Under Instant Notifications, you’ll select which elements of the course you’d prefer to be notified about. Consider including Announcements joined of your selections.
  5. Scroll to the underside of the page to customize your notifications. Consider choosing the Allow future courses to send me warnings choice. This may apply the settings you previously established to your future courses.
  6. Click Manage my course exclusions if there are courses you’d not prefer to notifications for.
  7. Click Save once you are finished.

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