Best iPhone App to Download Under Every App Store Category

Best iPhone App to Download Under Every App Store Category – Nowadays, your iPhone provides you with the possibility not only to chat with friends or watch videos. Having an App Store full of useful applications can make your life easier and boost work productivity.

From a number of available applications under App Store categories, it may be challenging to decide what apps are worth installing. To save your time we gathered must-have applications every user of the IOS operating system should have.


The global pandemic influenced many spheres of people’s lives. Some employees had to transfer to remote work. Aside from using a home laptop, employees started to benefit from smartphone functions in order to carry out work duties and tasks. This can be messaging, communication, calling, making notes, etc.

If you are among those employees who have to sign a large number of documents and send and receive faxes from your business partners or colleagues, you should download the fax app on an iPhone. If you wonder whether you can scan and fax from iPhone

, the answer will make you happy. With a special fax app and its built-in scanner, you are able to make quick shots and papers you should send in a flash of an eye.

Users have the opportunity to process various types of documents such as receipts, books, photos, notes, passports, IDs, cards, posters, licenses, newspapers, menus, certificates, letters, etc. After the fax is ready, one can upload it in any desired format, for example, PDF, JPEG, or PNG. With this tool, there is no need to search for a faxing machine, everything you need for faxing is in a single app.


Aside from the recommendation to download a fax app on iPhone for business purposes, users can also find interesting applications for gaming. For example, Twitch is considered a great place where one is able to look at how other gamers play video games or how professional tournaments are carried out.

Are you a lover of board games? Then, Twitch will be handy for you for a reason it provides you with the possibility to play real-life board games. Also, users are able to communicate with streamers and other viewers and browse previously recorded videos. Twitch is compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast.


Spotify is probably one of the best iOS apps for music lovers. This application is changing the game rules for the entire music industry. Spotify is a free-to-use application on PCs and tablet devices. However, it will cost you $10 a month if you desire to fully utilize Spotify on your iPhone.

Positive testimonials and the number of downloads prove that it is worth paying this affordable sum of money. Spotify provides music lovers with the possibility to listen to full albums and create their own playlists.


Do you want to start studying a new language but have no excess money on downloading paid apps? You can consider Duolingo’s application. First, it is regarded as one of the best free language learning applications. For example, one of the recent updates helped to make lessons available offline. Even without a connection to the Internet, users are likewise able to continue learning.


Does your friend or a family member have a beloved celebrity? Then you can consider downloading the Cameo app on your smartphone. How does it work? All you need to do is to pay big or small famous personalities and get a recorded custom video message.

After that, you can send a ready video message to the necessary receiver on different occasions. This can be wedding congratulations from a popular actor. Or a musician can record a motivational speech for your friend before passing important exams. Such custom videos can be an interesting and creative solution if you want to stand out from other gift-givers.


Having a large number of applications in the communication category, it may be complicated to define the best iOS apps for messaging. However, there is one application that is surely worth your attention. WhatsApp would be a great choice if you are among regular chatters.

It provides users with the possibility to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. WhatsApp is regarded as one of the best feature-packed chat applications. Although it is less used in comparison with Viber or Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp is still a phenomenal application. To make sure of it and benefit from its advantages, all you need to do is to download WhatsApp on your smartphone.


Do you like food but have no time for cooking? The Grubhub application will surely be useful for you. Simply enter your current location and an application will provide you with a list of the best restaurants near you.

From the offered restaurants, you will be able both to request delivery and collect your order by yourself. Also, a large number of dishes and yummies are available from pizza to bagels.


Your smartphone is your main assistant if you want either to rest and relax or perform work assignments. The reason is that many applications under App Store categories are waiting to provide you with their functions.

At first, you may be confused by a large number of applications and may have no idea where to start. To assist you a bit, you can consider applications discussed above from several main categories. All of them are helpful and can boast of useful and interesting features.

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