Best 4K Movies to Watch on DirecTV Stream!

Best 4K Movies to Watch on DirecTV Stream!: If you have invested in a 4K smart TV, it’s time to make the most out of it by watching some amazing movies in 4K! DirecTV Stream has a huge library of amazing movies ready to be streamed in 4K. Here are some shortlisted 4K movies available on DirecTV Stream to watch right now. 

Best 4K Movies to Watch on DirecTV Stream!

  1. Survive The Game

Starring Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis, and Donna D’Errico, the movie revolves around how 3 men, including an injured cop, deal with a drug mob. It is an amazing action-adventure movie, with some terrific action sequences that you can’t help but love in 4K! And of course, who would not want to see the One Tree Hill star in such excellent resolution. 

  1. The Many Saints of Newark

This crime and drama movie is a good watch for a boys’ night together. It is set during the 1960s in Newark, where Italian crime families have a lot of history. The movie is a detailed journey through gang wars in Newark, and a reflection of how organized crime families and their inherited violence worked back in the day.  

  1. Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Watching science fiction in 4K is surreal. Unearthly creatures and superpowers can be experienced differently in such high definition quality. This is why the latest part for the Venom film series is a great pick for all those wanting to experience movies in 4K. The sequel has many of the prequel’s cast appearances, including everyone’s favorite Tom Hardy, who is the venom. It is a movie, so definitely worth watching, so you can catch up with everyone else too! 

  1. Malignant

Even though the holiday season is here, a thrilling horror movie can actually be a great watch for some spooky fun on sleepovers. Malignant is an extremely graphic movie and revolves around a special, gifted woman who gets visions about strangers getting murdered. She uses this power to save these victims.

  1. Don’t Breathe 2

The Blind Man, played by Stephen Lang, makes the most of his instincts and other senses to save the young girl, Phoenix, from her kidnappers. The movie is extremely engaging and will keep you hooked all throughout. It’s also full of jump scares, so make sure you have a lot of pillows next to your bowl of popcorn! 

  1. Paw Patrol: The Movie

DirecTV has a little something for everyone. The Paw Patrol movie is an amazing watch for your younger ones, thanks to some of the new additions made to the characters. It takes you on a team of seven’s journey to save a metropolitan city from an incompetent mayor. The animations are extremely detailed and can be experienced in a much better way if watched in 4K movies!

  1. The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad was anticipated by all DC fans. Now, DirecTV lets you watch your favorite super-villains trek and destroy an island of enemies in 4K movies! You will be able to enjoy a revamped look of Harley Quinn along with some really cool fictional technologies that blow you away.

  1. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring film series is a favorite for those who are a fan of jump scares, a cohesive storyline, and exceptional acting as well. The sequel The Devil Made Me Do It was one of its best parts. It revolves around Ed and Lorraine trying to prove a man’s innocence by exploring the claim that he was possessed by a devil when he stabbed his landlord. 

  1. Cruella 

Cruella is a package full of phenomenal performance by Emma Stone and a nostalgic storyline that gives us a pinch of our childhood favorite movie; 101 Dalmatians. This movie is a prequel that sheds light upon the history behind Cruella’s name and her obsession with the puppies. 

Not the End…

DirecTV not only has some amazing services to offer such as premium channels and value-adding DVR, but it also lets you stream, record, or even buy movies in 4K. If you are subscribed to AT&T bundles or DirecTV Stream packages, you are eligible for streaming these astounding movies on your 4K devices. Make sure you have your DirecTV Stream credentials to log in to your account and stream on-demand titles. If you don’t know your credentials, DirecTV customer service is available 24/7 to help you out!

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