APKPURE: Alternative apps to those found in Google Play

APKPURE: APKPURE an alternative application market to Google Play that reminds us a lot of Aptoide . Unofficial application stores or app markets have been with us for many years. But now they take on greater importance, especially for those users who use Huawei devices. Since since they do not have Google or GMS services, we cannot use the Play Store so we must choose alternatives. That is why today we are going to tell you about APKPURE. It is an independent and extremely interesting app store, with many options to download APK from apps safely and very easily.

APKPURE can be a great ally when it comes to finding applications on a Huawei smartphone for example. You can get to recommended APK files from Petal Search. You can get directly enter this alternative market to the app store itself called AppGallery.

And it is that AppGallery does not take enough time to have the same catalog as the official Google store, something that is, on the other hand, totally logical. AppGallery itself is quite well resolved for the time it takes. But having another independent app store like APKPURE can be the definitive addition to not notice the absence of the official store, to use a Huawei without Google apps and not die in it. I try.

APKPURE and its APKs

APKPURE is an app store that allows you to install applications on your mobile or tablet equipped with the Android operating system. We can access it through our web browser or through the app that we can install on our mobile device.

This APKPURE has been operating since 2014 so it is not a store that has now suddenly appeared. According to data from 2016, at that time its volume of visits was 10 million unique users , with an average of downloads by users of about 30 apps per month.

The design of APKPURE is quite simple, but totally enough to work with the app without any problem.

Its interface is simple to handle and with several customization possibilities that are welcome to be able to modify the appearance of the app from time to time.

We can modify the color of the theme that is predetermined in green to other colors such as sky blue, crimson, dark purple, cool gray, apricot orange and air force blue.

In addition, we have a dark mode to follow the fashion that has been established in all apps for several years now.

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Download apps

If we look at the APKPURE interface , we will realize that everything is well distributed and that we will not have any problem handling it from the first minute we have the application installed.

At the top we have a place to carry out our searches for applications, something that is very convenient if we already know the name of the application that we want to download.

In this upper part we also have 3 sections such as:

  • Featured: where they advise us on apps or games.
  • News: the place where we can read what is happening in the world of applications.
  • Videos: where we have trailers of the main games and apps of the moment.

Already at the bottom we have several buttons (sections) that can also be quite helpful, such as:

  • Home: it is the button that helps us to return to the beginning of the entire app.
  • Store: where we will enter the app store and we will see suggestions, main, games, main apps, paid games, the most popular games and apps from the last 24 hours and a selection of apps made by the application itself.
  • Community: it is the place where we can see the opinion of other users about different apps and games.
  • Me: it is where we can register and where we will have the power to see our publications, favorites, votes or messages, in addition to managing the apps that we already have installed, the topics or the tags.

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How to install applications

The operation of APKPURE is extremely similar to the one we have in the Google Play Store, in every way, being extremely easy.

  • We look for an app in the search engine at the top of the app.
  • When we find it, we simply click on ” Install “, which is on the right side of it.
  • Now start downloading the apk file to install the app.
  • Once this is done, it asks us if we want to install the application and click on ” Install “.
  • The app will be installed until a screen appears where it says “ installation completed ”. Now we can click on ” Done ” if we want to continue in APKPURE or click on ” Open ” to open the app that we just installed.
  • That is how simple it is to install applications with APKPURE .

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Update downloaded apps from APKPURE

With APKPURE we can also update applications that we have installed on our device in an easy way as we are going to tell you right now.

  • We must go to the section ” I “, which is in the lower left, as we told you lines above.
  • Then we enter ” Application Management “.
  • Now we will see all the apps that allow us to update , being able to do it one by one or all at the same time, by clicking on the sign at the bottom right where it says ” Update all “.

From ” Application Management ” we also have access to other tabs, located at the top, where we have different options that are also interesting, such as:

  • Downloads: where we can see those apps that are still downloading or that are paused.
  • Installed: place where we can see the installed apps, being able to uninstall them if we see it necessary.
  • Manage APK: here we have all the apk files on our mobile to reinstall an app if we need it.
  • As you have seen, APKPURE is a very complete app store, easy to use and with interesting possibilities. It is highly advisable not only if you have a Huawei device, but any Android.

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