AnimeFLV: Complete List With The Best Alternative Websites

AnimeFLV: The number of people around the world who are lovers of anime, has been increasing more and more; and one of the web platforms with which you can enjoy a good online reproduction of your favorite animes, is AnimeFLV. Although it is true that the advantages provided by this website are many, it is normal that many want to find the best alternatives to AnimeFLV with which they can observe these animations online.

Finding a good website that allows you to enjoy anime may not be easy in some cases, since there are sites that contain a lot of advertising , or that do not have the content you are looking for. However, there are some alternatives that we can go to in case AnimeFLV is temporarily out of service or is not available in our country. So, in this article, we want to talk about some of them.

Fundamentalists will find all the programs in their original audio with Spanish subtitles, with the possibility of downloading them from various available servers. The Animeflv directory does not leave anything out since you can filter the genre, year, type, status and even by its rating.

If you register, you can make your playlist of programs by marking the content seen, your favorites and waiting list, as well as qualify and comment on the available material as there are quite a few programs and seasons.

What is AnimeFLV?

It is a page that is responsible for uploading anime movies and series, and is very popular in many Hispanic countries. Due to the content found there, it is in Castilian Spanish. So, this portal is compatible and adapts very well to the platform interface, when used on different devices. Such as, Windows, Linux, Mac computers or Android phones and tablets.

Among all the good things about this portal that has the best alternatives to AnimeFLV, there is something negative, and it is copyright . Although they do not have the authorization of the original producers and distributors, they still decide to upload them to their website. Which has resulted in frequently being blocked; which prevents users from being able to watch or download the series or movies.

Due to all these drawbacks, so that the general public can continue to enjoy anime series and movies , the best alternatives to AnimeFLV have emerged. All of them may be able to provide a lot of help to the user, so that he can enjoy his favorite movies and anime series without any kind of inconvenience.

One of the most recognized pages by anime lovers and curious thanks to its variety and constant content update. Whether you are a registered user or not, in Animeflv you have a clean interface that goes to what you want: lots of anime to choose from.

At first glance you can see the links to the recently released chapters of the series being broadcast, followed by the posters with the news in series and OVAs of the platform. Just by placing the pointer on the image you can know the synopsis of the material and the users’ score, so your choice will be easier.

Learn about the best alternatives to AnimeFLV

There are several options with which you can enjoy good Anime; In addition, many of them have been designed in order to be able to please different tastes of users in general. For example, among some of the best options that we can mention, are:


This option is ideal, because it has been characterized as a website that has been able to stay on the net for much longer ; in addition, many users prefer it since it is always available. On the other hand, it is capable of presenting an extensive range of content, and the movies and anime series it has is very varied.

Another reason why it has managed to win people’s affection is because its interface is very easy to use; in this way, it becomes the ideal option for new users who may not know how it works . On this page you can also find the alternative of keeping its original language, with a dubbing into Castilian Spanish or Latin Spanish, and some have subtitles.

All the content is specially organized, and as for the episodes of certain series, they are constantly updated. They even manage to get into place at the same time they go on the air . For example, among some of the animes that we can find in its catalog, there are:

  • One piece
  • Naruto shippuden
  • Boku no hero academia
  • One Puch Man

In addition to many others, new series are constantly being added that are increasing in popularity and rating . So it is an excellent option to consider in case AnimeFLV is not available.

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UnderAnime has become an excellent alternative because it is effective as a web portal; In addition to this, it is not only limited to being on a fixed website that can be accessed with a URL, but its producers have also been able to create their own official application , especially, this app has been designed for all those users with Android devices.

Therefore, thanks to UnderAnime, you will be able to watch your favorite animes from anywhere you are from the comfort of your smartphone; Of course, it is worth remembering that, in order to see the programming from your phone, you must enter the official website to download the APK file , which will allow you to install it on your cell phone.

Although the Android app is much better designed, this does not mean that the website is not secure, or that it is not capable of offering the same excellence in quality. On the contrary, both are capable of providing the user with an unforgettable experience , with the difference that the mobile application offers the option of viewing it on your cell phone from anywhere and at any time in a comfortable way.

Something important is that UnderAnime does not have the annoying advertisements when watching your series or movies, which will allow you to enjoy animes online without any distraction. Which makes it one of the best options to AnimeFLV. However, this fact changes when you decide to download , since the page will lead you to a website that if possible that there are advertisements to access the download file.


This website can be placed as one of the first options that many choose, it is worth noting the fact that, in this case, a payment fee is required. But this cost is not so high as to prevent you from enjoying the best anime programming; in fact, you can even enjoy many categories within the site.

Something that has been able to capture the attention of the public is the fact that the design of the site is extremely attractive, it is very fast, it presents the possibility of reading subtitles, and that it does not have ads. Even if the system still does not convince you, the option of a review through a free trial is possible , and if you like its interface, you can make the payment and enjoy its content.


Unlike the previous one, this website is defined by offering a totally free repertoire ; In addition, the content that is present in your system is completely varied, and abundant. And best of all, it has a wide collection of anime totally in Spanish, on the other hand, the design with which this site was created is very neat, clean and easy to use.

This is because it makes it easier for you when it comes to finding animes, depending on the year they were released, their popularity, and the categories you want to find. And a point that many users appreciate is that it is not a portal that only limits itself to transmitting live animes, but also offers the opportunity to download them for free to your computer or phone.

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This is a page that is defined by showing quite attractive anime programs, which has been able to gain a good reputation among users who have turned to other options instead of AnimeFLV; And although the site is designed in English, the style it has is very orderly, maintaining its Japanese touch that characterizes it so much.

Something interesting is that it is free , but despite this, this factor does not detract from the quality of this platform, rather it is a way to check its reliability . Apart from finding new content, you can also find classic content. And the vast majority of anime seasons are ordered according to the date they were published.

Anime mobile

Although this portal has a clean and simple design, its categorization is not the best. However, it has a great variety of animes, its subtitles are in Spanish, and it cannot be denied that they are of very good quality. Something extraordinary is that his service is free, and he has an account on Facebook, where he frequently publishes the chapters of the series, and the animes that have been updated. Another aspect that cannot be denied is the excellent sharpness with which your image can be seen.


This is another of the pages that serve as one of the best alternatives to AnimeFLV; It is a website that stands out from the rest of its class, due to the fact that it presents an extensive catalog of series and films, and its design is very simple. This has been a point in his favor to attract a greater number of audience , allowing visits to his site to increase day by day.

In the case of this excellent option, it is characterized by presenting each of its premieres with its title on the main page; almost always, they usually offer a GIF image, showing a cut of a certain scene from the episode or movie with the intention of generating expectations on the part of the user. On the other hand, another of the elements they use is to place a section called Anime of the day, in which they usually promote a certain episode capable of exceeding expectations.

It is not just an option to Animeflv, it is the evolution of streaming and an example of this is the space dedicated to anime in Castilian Spanish and Latin Spanish in HD, in addition to the traditional subtitled material. From its main screen you can detail the dedication to the subject by presenting the most recent animes with their evaluation, a timeline with the information from their social network, the sections “The best of the week”, “The anime of the day” and ” Animes in trend ”.


Anime fans also remember Animemovil2, a platform that has become an important alternative to Animeflv, an Android application will soon be announced on its home page, but in the meantime, it has the particularity of showing a news sidebar where news is presented available and information from your community on Facebook.

Although it does not have films or OVAs, it does present a wide catalog that you can check through its directory and its various filters, where programs dubbed into Spanish are already beginning to be appreciated.

As we are getting used to this type of page, we have several servers to watch series online or download the chapter directly to our computer, in addition to leaving our comments. and

Although services like Netflix have dedicated a space to this genre, they do not have enough variety for fans. AnimeYT is another of the pioneers in the transmission, but it has not been easy due to not having the permissions or the rights of some programs, causing its closure since 2019.

However, the disappearance was short because two similar domains were created: the first changed the order of the words to “” and the second only added a number to “”. They are good alternatives to Animeflv. In the second it clearly specifies that “it only shares content stored on sites dedicated to sharing files for free.”

Ytaime has a simpler facade and lacks a material directory, we only see the most recent releases on the screen in chronological order. Once the material is selected we can see synopsis, chapters, comments, downloads and the possibility of saving them to see later.

On the other hand, its brother Animeyt2 does have a well-defined filter to rummage through a catalog that presents many genres, although unfortunately it does not have the option to save the chapter to see later. An interesting feature in common between both pages is the “animechat” tool through which you can be sharing information at all times with all registered users.

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Anime Online Subs

In this case, the developers of the portal have made sure to concentrate as much as possible a wealth of information regarding Anime. Most of the audiovisual material that is presented is available in the original language, which is Japanese , and very rarely, there is content in English. Even though the audio is in another language, they make sure to generate the best quality and reliable subtitle files in Spanish.

Many people, anime lovers, completely agree with this idea; since they consider that making a change in the audio means distorting the essence of the content that the creator wants to make known to the public. Hence, if you want to be attentive to new Japanese audio content with Spanish subtitles, you can visit Anime Online Subs and make the most of the content that its developers are capable of offering.

As we see, the best alternatives to AnimeFLV to watch online and download, extend to an immense number. It is true that many pages may not be completely reliable, but the ones that we have mentioned in this list are capable of exceeding the expectations that users want. We hope that this list of options can serve you in the most practical way and that you can make the most of the content that your favorite anime can offer through these portals.

Anime TV for Android

It was only a matter of time before our telephone terminal was filled with anime in our language, an app to watch free material anywhere and in HD. Although the variety is not at the level of the other platforms like AnimeFLV, we are talking about watching classics and the newest reps without reading subtitles.

A fresh and simple menu with the selection of the most recent episodes posted, your favorites list and a link to the series directory. Select the image that catches your attention, review its synopsis and technical sheet and that’s it.

An expanding market

The enormous growth of streaming and platforms to watch movies online in the 2020 pandemic confirms that online exchange has a long way to go, and although the most recognized subscription services have a space for anime, it is clear that it is not enough for the number of productions that are released daily on the Asian continent.

The anime industry is a monster in Japan, so it is only a matter of time before the investments arrive from the other side of the world. The controversies and complaints about the unauthorized distribution of oriental material have given rise to series proposals such as the creation of an exclusive anime streaming platform.

Crunchyroll has been the first to offer the service by subscription, guaranteeing a catalog of more than 30 thousand episodes. Although there is still no official statement, various digital media have reported that AnimeFLV and Anime YT plan to do the same exclusively for the Latin American market.

The Otaku culture grows by leaps and bounds thanks to the imagination and resources invested to bring more and better stories to the network, so the diversification and Japaneseization of the streaming market is not surprising.

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