Amazon eero Pro 6, What you need to improve your connection at home

Amazon eero Pro 6 is the e-commerce giant’s new mesh Wi – Fi system , capable of connecting up to 75 devices at the same time. This router is designed for large homes or offices, which have a lot of overload of simultaneously connected devices. If this is your case, and you want a better range and coverage of the network, do not stop reading. Here we explain what Amazon eero Pro 6 is and why you need it in your life.

It also includes the Zigbee smart digital home controller, with which you can control home devices without having to use additional hardware.

What is Amazon eero Pro 6?

Little by little, routers are turning their backs on WiFi 5, leaving more space for WiFi 6. This is because we have more and more devices connected to the same network, which requires better support. This is where the Amazon eero Pro 6 comes in, a tri-band WiFi 6 mesh router with a range of up to 190 square meters.

However, it also allows you to mesh up to three routers, with the pack of three devices, either wirelessly or by cable, to reach an area of ​​up to 560 square meters. And without losing coverage or performance.

The best thing about the Amazon eero Pro 6 is that it boasts technologies that reduce interference from obstacles, while also protecting neighbors’ networks. It is perfect, therefore, if you live or work in the center of the city or in an apartment where there are many neighbors around. Its resistance is such that it will allow you to enjoy 8K content or play in multiplayer without interruptions, and even if there are many other devices connected at the same time. As we say, up to a maximum of 75. Its WiFi speed is 4200 Gigs per second, which is a real madness.

It also has 2 gigabit ethernet ports, to which you can connect all kinds of devices via network cable, if you want to create a wired network that reaches the entire home.

Alexa compatibility

The Amazon eero Pro 6 is accompanied by the Zigbee digital home controller. Therefore, you will not need additional hardware. You can control your smart appliances from the router itself, as long as they are compatible with Zigbee. On the other hand, it is compatible with the Alexa assistant , so you can turn the lights on or off through your voice, or even the Internet when you want someone to put down their mobile for a while and focus on the evening.

Easy installation

This router is very simple to install, something that is appreciated, especially if we look back and see the difficulties that the routers of yesteryear have always had. You just have to install the eero application and connect the devices. The configuration will be ready in a few minutes. In any case, the app has an installation wizard to guide you through the process or answer questions.

Safe and reliable WiFi

If you are concerned about Internet security, the Amazon eero Pro 6 works all the time in the background to help keep your network secure. Plus, its software updates bring the latest security patches, feature updates, and bug fixes.

For added security, you can also subscribe to eero Secure for 3.99 euros per month, which adds online security and parental controls. Or Secure + paying 10.99 euros per month, which in turn includes three apps: 1Password to manage passwords, Malwarebytes to be better protected against malware, and in case you want to encrypt your devices.

The Amazon eero Pro 6 is priced at $171. You can also buy the pack of three routers for 639 euros. As you might expect, all of them are sold through Amazon.

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