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KickAss: One of the biggest search engines and torrent downloads is Kickass , this platform is by far the favorite of millions of users . This is due to the fact that almost any torrent file that was searched could be found in it and that in other platforms not.

Among its advantages was that it offered details of each file, thus allowing the reliability and quality of each download to be assessed . Likewise, it did not host content that was not available, but only those active torrents.

Definitive closure: Pages similar to Kickass Torrents?

Unfortunately, Kickass was closed by the United States Department of Justice , its creator was accused of crimes of violation of copyright laws and others. That is why its large community of users has looked for new alternatives that provide an experience similar or superior to what Kickass was .

Although there are many persecuted pages, there are still a large number of torrent platforms available . For this, we bring you a list with the best alternatives.

The first alternative to Kickass with 1337x

A fairly fast platform with a wide variety of content, from tv series, applications, games, anime and more .

This alternative allows you to locate practically any file you want , in addition its interface is quite intuitive and its download time is fast.

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Torlock, where minimalism is usually the attraction

Movies, games, music, images and much more is what can be found on this torrent platform. Its design is quite simple and its interface is not very fast , but without a doubt Torlock is quite effective.

One of its best advantages is each of your files is fully verified. In terms of disadvantages, it is a platform with a lot of invasive advertising , so getting to the correct link can be slow and tedious.

RARBG in the order of the files is the force

Another alternative to Kickass is RARBG, a platform that, although its content is mostly in English, has a wide variety of torrents . Likewise, the quality is one of the best, even offering 4k files.

On the other hand, it has various sections where you can find trailers and even the most popular news and torrents.

Limetorrents the best files to download

An alternative with a wide variety of categories that allows you to locate different torrents is Limetorrents. Not only can you search for the content of your preference but you can also locate the best torrents according to their popularity and number of seeds.

It also offers safer downloads and a section with the most up-to-date content.

Elite Torrent diversity happens to have everything as it should

Elite Torrent is considered one of the best alternatives to get high quality content. It has different categories and download options to select the language and format .

It is also a platform that includes content from large streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO. On the other hand, it also offers the best premieres and traditional films .

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ThePirateBay a champion for older users

One of the most similar alternatives to Kickass , it has extensive torrent file content. Likewise, it allows you to classify each of these according to the colors which are safe torrents and which are not.

The most downloaded files currently Zooqle

One of the platforms that offers all fully verified torrents, it has a wide variety of content and access to those files that have been downloaded the most today .

Likewise, it has a calendar in which you can see what the next content updates will be . In this way it allows you to be aware of any news.

Mejortorrent regular updates unlike Kickass

Mejortorrent is a good alternative for those who want content in Spanish, it is one of the main platforms chosen by Spanish speakers.

On the other hand, it is kept with regular updates to offer the best and most up-to-date content in different categories . So you can find movies, documentaries, sports, music, and more.

Torrentseeker with various information links

By simply entering a term like the Google search engine, Torrentseeker will give you access to a wide amount of content. This platform can locate different pages although the files do not contain much information so it is necessary to be careful when downloading.

Torrentz2 affiliate torrents to have better searches

Another alternative for torrent search engines is this platform, it has different affiliate pages that are in charge of tracking the torrent searches that are carried out. Likewise, its content catalog is very wide and varied.

Among its advantages is that it allows you to find different results on different platforms.

Mitorrent torrent platform with good quality

You will be able to see the trailers of each of the films that are in this torrent platform and with an excellent video quality.

Mitorrent has updated content and options to share the links on different communication platforms such as social networks, email, among others.

Better in VO when data means everything

One of the best alternatives to Kickass and with content in original version. On this platform you will get very varied movies and TV series both in torrent files and Emule .

This platform collects torrent links and emulates with the subtitle links in the same tab. Likewise, it offers technical information, the synopsis and trailers of the content you want to see .

A great advantage that Mejor en VO has is that it offers a section that works as a manual to use the programs required for downloads. Likewise, users can interact in a forum by leaving their experiences and opinions about the content.

On the other hand, if you don’t like subtitles, we recommend you try one of the other alternatives that we brought for you .

Grantorrent if 4K is your thing, this is your platform

Grandtorrent is a platform that is updated daily, in turn offers a section with the most viewed movies every day. Its content can obtain in 4k quality and other formats .

Another feature of this alternative to Kickass is that you can create lists with your favorite torrents. Likewise, you can leave comments about current content and about any inconvenience that occurs .

EZTV, the portal specializing in series and without advertising

Specialized in series, this platform is a very good alternative for those looking for content in this category. It offers a wide catalog with the best and most up-to-date or older series .

Eztv also allows downloading in a very simple way and one of its advantages is that you will not find any advertising . On the other hand, its filtering system is perfect for locating series according to their quality.

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Vivatorrents the popularity you get is vital

One of the simplest alternatives that you can get. This platform has a simple interface, on its main page you can see the most popular movies as well as its search engine with filtering by genre.

It allows to organize the search results by title, date, relevance or without any problem in a random way.

Extremely Updated Idope for Mobile Devices

This platform is like a tribute to Kickass , without a doubt one of the best alternatives that can find. Its simple interface and its search engine are very similar to Google .

This platform also has a section where the most popular and updated torrens can find. On the other hand, it offers a plugin for Google Chrome and an application for Android devices .

Torrent Paradise with the most files indexed

A good platform without invasive advertising, Torrent Paradise has more than 2 million indexed files as well as links to 6 torrent search engines simultaneously.

Its interface is simple and each of the files can be located just by placing the name in the search bar. of the best decisions for Kickass’

An almost unlimited platform, where you can find practically any torrent you want . One of its good points is that it shows if the files are verified or not using icons.

In addition, they can organize according to the date, size and quantity of seeds . On the other hand, it offers news and a section of trailers for each torrent.

YTS the page to find the best audiovisual content

YTS Yifi Movies is a perfect alternative for moviegoers. This platform has an immense variety of films from classic cinema to the most current releases. In turn, each of these contents can find in BluRay, WEB, 1080p formats and a variety of other options for its quality.

A characteristic of this platform is that it incorporates into each movie the rating given by Rotten Tomatoes or any other specialized medium . Likewise, it incorporates the synopsis, information on production and distribution; as well as technical characteristics.

If that is not enough, it also incorporates a specialized review, prior registration is not necessary and comments can be made about each content.

Popcorntime ideal for users using smartTV

Already at the end of the list we have Popcorntime, a good alternative to Kickass with a large number of torrent files . One of its advantages is that you can select an option for the files to incorporate subtitles. It also allows content to send to Smart TVs.

What is the best option to download torrents as an alternative to Kickass?

The main alternative to Kickass due to its similarity, the large amount of content and the security when it comes to torrent downloads is ThePirateBay . Although each of the ones we mentioned are good, this is undoubtedly the main alternative to enjoy torrent content.

This is due to the fact that the platform has also had significant improvements in terms of the quality of the files and greater monitoring of uploads that allow avoiding content contaminated with malware.

However, each platform has options that adapts to the preferences of each user.

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