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Hispashare is a platform that for a long time has offered different alternatives to download torrents. It is one of the sites that in a very simple way locates movies in different formats and in the best quality .

Content even in 3D, 4K, MicroHD, BluRay and much more, are just some of the options that this platform has . Likewise, the downloads of any of its contents are quite fast.

Hispashare is down, what happened?

Although it has been an excellent platform, currently Hispashare is no longer working . By sharing copyrighted content without proper permission, it was no wonder that at some point it was affected just like other platforms.

However, there are some alternatives to Hispashare that, like this one, share torrent and streaming content that you can enjoy and download . For this we bring you a list of the best free alternatives, each one with extensive quality content and with a large number of users who certify its proper functioning.

The best options to Hispashare to download torrents for free

In the following alternatives to Hispashare you can get the best torrents, content in various formats and quality . If you want to continue enjoying the best movies, TV series, music, reports, among other options, you can get them in this list that we organize for you.

RARBG with content that is constantly updated

This platform has an interface that allows you to find very varied and updated content; although if you like traditional films you can also get a wide catalog of them

Likewise, RARBG suggests a list of the best and most popular torrents of the moment, as well as movie trailers. It is a platform that is continuously updated and that even provides its users with the best news of the day.

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Gnula with good steps and with quality in its files

It is always necessary to have several alternatives, that is why another of the best platforms is Gnula. In this case, you can achieve excellent quality in all its content, which is usually updated even daily .

Its content, in addition to having the best audio and video, also has dubbing and subtitles in both Spanish, Latin and English . In the same way, locating the movies will be extremely easy, since it has its content arranged by categories.

Another of the things it offers and for which it is on this list is that by positioning yourself on top of any film you will be able to read its summary . On the other hand, you will find its latest free version in a specific section for it.

Mitorrent plugin and compartment with links

With a wide variety of options to share the links, quality and updated content and a plugin to comment on each file, Mitorrent will surprise you.

This platform is another of the alternatives to Hispashare, and as we said, it offers the possibility of sharing the links through social networks, email, Skype and other communication platforms.

You will get movies in excellent quality and of different dates, so if you like traditional or even premiere movies, you can get them on this platform. Also, each of the files gives you access to the trailer , which is a good way to previously know those movies that you have not seen yet.

Grantorrent of better formats and in 4K

With content updated every day Grantorrent is another of the best alternatives that you should add to your list. This platform is quite complete, it offers its users a section where they can see the most popular movies of each day.

Likewise, you can create favorites lists and leave comments about the content on the main page. It should be noted that if you are looking for quality, Grantorrent even has movies in 4K and different formats .

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Torrentseeker a powerful and simple search engine

With a great resemblance to the Google search engine, this platform allows you to find content very quickly and easily by simply entering the term in the search engine.

Although it offers a wide variety of content from different pages, it does not provide important information about them. That is, if you want to download a file, it must be done with total care and under your responsibility.

Torlock good change and alternative by Hispashare

Although the design of this platform and its interface are not as good as that of other alternatives that we mention here, without a doubt it is fully functional .

It is ideal for those people who like the simple, but the best thing about Torlock is that its torrent files are verified so it will not be a problem for your security or that of your computer.

In this platform you will get a wide catalog of categories such as: movies, images, games, music and much more .

If there is a negative point to note, it is that it contains a large amount of invasive advertising that can make it difficult to locate the link that corresponds to what you want to download.

Mejortorrent to find everything you need

One of the best alternatives to find content completely in Spanish Language. It offers a wide variety of content in movies and TV series, from the traditional to the most current .

Likewise, you will be able to find music, videos and games , in addition, it is a platform that updates its content daily.

1337x, the portal that delivers important lists

1337x offers a wide catalog of torrent files very well organized by category. By entering this platform you can get lists with the most popular torrents of the day , week and month in each of the topics.

In addition, it offers links to other torrent platforms and has a search bar that allows you to locate them with greater precision and speed.

Divxtotal platform to watch movies and any content

This platform has a long history offering content in different formats and quality in both TV series and movies . You can get content updated daily from 3D to DVDR or HD and other download options.

It offers users a list of series or movies according to their preferences , allows to comment and share links on different social networks.

Zooqle good alternative to Hispashare as it should

Zooqle is another of the great alternatives that offers verified content, which makes it possible for its users to obtain content with more security. This platform a faster download thanks to the fact that it does not have ads.

On the other hand, it has a calendar where you can see the next update that will take place.

Torrent Paradise with good interface, dominating the portals

One of the most popular torrent platforms after Hispashare is Torrent Paradise. It allows you to simultaneously locate torrents in the highest quality found on other pages.

Likewise, it has very few invasive ads, which allows its users to navigate through its interface quickly and without problems.

ThePirateBay the oldest and current portal

This platform has been quite successful, it has a fairly wide user community that positions it among the largest torrent platforms on the entire internet. Its content is quite extensive since it can locate almost all the torrents there have been and to be .

It can be found from movies, tv series, books, music and many more topics. Likewise, it allows you to expand the information in each of the files in detail, as well as their security .

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Limetorrents with large number of users

An alternative with a wide catalog of completely updated content, this platform offers up to more than 9 million torrents of different categories and with excellent quality .

Among its advantages it has that it allows simultaneous downloading and that its content is verified so that it will be a safe download.

Better in VO for maximum quality

As its name implies, it is one of the best alternatives in movies and TV series in the original language. If you have no problems with subtitles on this platform you will find high quality content both in torrent files and in Emule.

Also, offer the synopsis and technical specifications of the file within the link of your preference. In the same way you can find the trailers of each of the films that are on YouTube.

On the other hand, it includes a section where it explains how to use the programs for downloads. It even has a chat forum where users can comment and interact.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents has gone through multiple shutdowns, however it continues to share extensive torrent content. It allows users to download verified content, as well as to see a list of the users who have uploaded content most recently. We talk about Kickasstorrents here .

Elitetorrent excellent files unlike Hispashare

EliteTorrent is one of the most complete alternatives to Hispashare that you can get. This offers a number of movies and series that may even be premiering at the moment even those that are more traditional.

Its content is of high quality, allows a download in different formats and gives the option of downloading both in torrent files and in magnetized links.

Idope perfect selection of torrent files

To finish with the alternatives we have Idope, this platform has a simple interface similar to that of Google. It offers a section with the most popular torrents of the moment and a search engine that is quite simple to use .

On the other hand, it has an application for Android devices, as well as a Google Chrome plug-in.

What is the best alternative to Hispashare?

Although each and every one of the alternatives to Hispashare that we gave you here are excellent, EliteTorrent is one of the ones that can stand out the most . This is because it is a platform that is actively updating itself.

Likewise, it allows its users to organize the content according to their tastes and latest views. Its diversity is quite good and its search engine is fast and accurate thanks to the filters it has .

This and much more offers this platform, although as we mentioned at the beginning it is always essential to have several alternatives so we recommend you try some of the ones we mentioned and get the best one for torrent file downloads.

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