Alternatives to Divxtotal: The 7 best of this year to download movies and series

Divxtotal: Looking for alternatives to Divxtotal? It is one of the download pages that allows you to download content using uTorrent. It is known for its wide selection of movies, series, books, games, and shows, and is also known for its good resolution and quality. In fact, it is the longest running free website for downloading copyrighted content. In addition, the site is considered the site with the most content in Spanish in this field, and it has a very good interface, which makes it organized, intuitive and offers good options.

This way you can easily find what you like. Although there are many alternative pages to Divxtotal, it has been around for many years and is even one of the favorites of many people. Although it has been banned many times and has been closed by government organizations working to protect copyrighted content, it somehow keeps the server changing.

Alternatives to Divxtotal

There are many websites where you can download series and movies that are compatible with uTorrent. Here, we have listed the best known, acclaimed and trusted websites to enjoy the content of your choice.


Regarding content, EliteTorrent is a platform similar to Divxtotal, which is actually the platform with the most content among all the content that I have shown you in this selection. It is a diverse and up-to-date catalog, which is why it is favored by many users. In addition, most of the content is available in Spanish from Spain, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Another reason why many people like it is because of its low number of ads and little publicity, one of the great Alternatives to Divxtotal.

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Best Torrent

Another more famous website, used to download torrent files that currently exist, but like many other websites, it is blocked by other operators. Although, as you already know, you can also use a proxy or VPN to hide your source IP and access it without problems.


The portal offers highly successful series and movies in streaming, and its particularity is that it is a pure Spanish portal. Therefore, the content is wisely directed to the Spanish market. The content can be accessed at In general, the quality of series and movies is very good, although the occasional billboards are of the quality of cameras used in movie theaters. Many movie dubs are adapted for Spain, but there are also some versions of the Spanish dub for Latin America and they will be shown in the original language with subtitles if desired.


Since its creation in 2009, the Cuevana website can download movies and television series with Spanish subtitles for free, and it has grown exponentially and has become one of the most popular portals in Latin America. Currently, the online page is created by three university friends in Argentina, and there are 12 million unique users every month. A quarter of these tourists are Argentines and the rest from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States and other countries.

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It is the unofficial successor to the YTS / YIFY group, which closed a few years ago and specializes in movies. After several reports of hackers, he signed a settlement for damages, but remained online. He kept his second place last year.


1337x is the best website, you can download torrents of many different themes. Although its catalog is mainly focused on movies, you can download music, games, applications, documentaries and even animation content. From the website, you can access detailed information about each content, as well as a list of the most popular torrents in a day, a week, or even a month. However, its instability means that it is not always available, although it has multiple domains and we have to use a website similar to 1337x. One of the alternatives to

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It works in a similar way to Divxtotal. You can download torrents. Its search operation is similar to other torrent platforms such as The Torrent Bay, that is, it includes a torrent search engine. Existing torrents are classified according to their type and content.

You can download music, movies of various genres, applications, advanced games, and other advanced multimedia media. Many of your materials violate copyright laws, so your website and domain name are changed relatively frequently while your content is preserved. We do not encourage the downloading of unconditional videos or other materials, so you should use the required materials carefully to avoid potential penalties.


Downloading torrents can be dangerous because it can be attacked by viruses, malware, and hackers. Fortunately, being protected is not that complicated. A good VPN can protect you from all these threats. VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic, so your activities remain anonymous. I tried various VPNs and created a list of trusted services based on them to protect you during torrenting. My best suggestion is ExpressVPN, which provides a global network of P2P servers optimized for fast file sharing.

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