How to add music to a WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status: The states Whatsapp are used by many people every day: From good morning phrases until all messages in these states may also be put sounds. Did you know? If you are wondering how to put music in a WhatsApp status, keep reading because we explain it to you.

This is one of the less known functions of the instant messaging application, that is why we are going to tell you that -in addition to sharing images, videos or text for 24 hours with all your contacts- with one of the latest updates of the App you can also add music to your statuses.

You can use the native function of the application or if you want something more elaborate you could download third-party applications for it. Pay attention that we explain the step by step so you can do it without downloading anything.

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How to put music in a WhatsApp status step by step

So you can put music on your WhatsApp stories whenever you want:

  1. Open the music player you have on your mobile.
  2. Find the music you want to publish in the state.
  3. Press play and turn up the volume.
  4. Go to WhatsApp and open the status option
  5. Press the green camera icon to upload a status.
  6. At the end, as if you were going to make a video, Press the record button on the interface. WhatsApp will record the music that is playing around the mobile. You can cover the camera lens to not record video, but only audio.
  7. Review your recording and click on the bottom of the green arrow to send it to the status update.

This is a very simple method and the quality of the song cannot be very good if there is outside noise during recording. Try to do it in a quiet space.

As we told you, previously, if you prefer a higher quality audio you can download a third-party application. For now, WhatsApp only offers you these two alternatives to add music to your statuses.

So, now you know how to put music in a WhatsApp status with these simple steps, try it to see what you think.

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