9anime: How to Stream 9Anime Website And Its Alternatives

9anime: Anime Fans all round the globe are now anticipating the autumn Season because the Summer season is finally over. There are plenty of latest seasons and anime that are set to be released this Fall. As Anime Fans ourselves, we are very excited also.

9Anime is one among the foremost popular Anime Streaming websites immediately. It offers an enormous catalog of both ongoing and already finished series. The huge list is it offers is enough for you to travel on a week-long marathon.

In this article, we’ll even be talking about the way to stream on 9Anime using the Firestick, Touchscreen devices, and your pc. 9anime may be a streaming website where you’ll be able to watch the top quality of your favourite anime online which are dubbed in English. On this site you probably did not need to pay anything to watch their favourite anime. Actually, 9anime may be a pirate website of anime movies.

What is 9anime?

9Anime is a free Anime streaming website that gives a mess of titles both subbed and dubbed. It doesn’t host the content but only links to them. So, it’s really legal and safe to stream using 9Anime.

It is up so far with the newest releases and provides users a schedule of the shows which will air for the week.

The video formats are consistently HD that goes as high as 1080p. This is often one among the simplest because if you select to stream anime using the Firestick, you’ll be treated to wonderful colors and computer graphics.

Is it legal to watch anime on 9anime?

In this vast world everything is accessible with just a brief of 1 click. Question arises whether it’s legal to watch anime on 9anime or not? Answer is pretty simple, it depends on your country law. If your country has no restriction on accessing torrent related website so, it’s fine otherwise not.

Where 9anime is?

9anime has been disappeared from Google after number of copyright claims from the anime proprietor. So, anime owner has the right to submit copyright complains. After numerous complains from different anime owners, Google took the responsibility to get rid of the web site from Google, since it had been providing anime illegally.

How am I able to access 9anime?

9anime continuously changes their website, so it’s hard to inform where we will actually access 9anime. However, you’ll be able to read them on twitter and obtain their latest updates.

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How to Stream 9Anime with Fire TV or Firestick

The accompanying instructional exercise was finished utilizing an Amazon Firestick 4k utilizing the Silk Browser. However, these instructions also will work for any Android device.

If you’re using an Android device I suggest using Google Chrome or Puffin TV for a browser.

1. From the most Menu look to float over the Search symbol and sort Silk Browser. Then, at that point, select the recommended query output.


2. Select the Silk Browser choice under Apps and Games.


3. Click Download.


4. Look forward to the download to be completed.


5. Open to launch the browser if you favor. For this instance, I suggest holding the home button on your remote.


6. Click the Apps option when this screen appears.


7. Hover over the Silk Browser and click on the choices button (3 horizontal lines). Then select Move.


8. Move the Silk Browser wherever you favor and click on the OK button on your remote to put it.


9. Launch the Silk Browser.


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10. Click the search icon on top.


11. Click the Search icon and enter the subsequent URL – https://9anime.ru and click on Go.


Alternative URL: https://9anime-tv.com/

12. That’s it! you’re now ready to stream 9Anime on your Firestick/Fire TV device with the Silk Browser.


13. If this screen appears just click Block.


14. In the event that you might want to bookmark the 9Anime site, click the star symbol that says Add Bookmark.


15. Appreciate streaming Anime content utilizing the 9Anime Website!


9Anime Features


General Features

  • Video formats are 460p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitle Support
  • Dual Language (Subbed and Dubbed)
  • Quick Filter which will allow you to group content counting on the Genre, Country, Season, Year, Type, Status, and Sort.


There are 42 categories all-in-all and that they are as follows:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Comedy
  • Dementia
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Ecchi
  • Fantasy
  • Game
  • Harem
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Josei
  • Kids
  • Magic
  • Martial Arts
  • Mecha
  • Military
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Parody
  • Police
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Samurai
  • School
  • Sci-Fi
  • Seinen
  • Shoujo
  • Shoujo Ai
  • Shounen
  • Shounen Ai
  • Slice of Life
  • Space
  • Sports
  • Super Power
  • Supernatural
  • Thriller
  • Vampire
  • Yaoi
  • Yuri
  • Languages
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Seasons
  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Winter
  • Video Types
  • Movie
  • TV Series
  • OVA
  • ONA
  • Specials
  • Status
  • Airing
  • Finished
  • Upcoming
  • No-Upcoming

Sort Filter

You can filter videos according to:

  • Recently updated
  • Recently Added
  • Name A-Z
  • Most Watched
  • Date of Release
  • Scores

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Pros and Cons of 9anime


  • 9Anime is extremely informative. It shows users the highest animes for the day, week, and month. It also provides a piece where you’ll see what was recently uploaded.
  • Its intelligent search function will automatically show suggestions counting on what you’ve got typed.
  • It performs well on the Firestick. There are not any lags or buffering whatsoever.
  • Regularly updated
  • Automatic Subtitles


  • There are banner ads and a few pop-ups. You’ll be able to block these by using Ad Guard Pro.

Why Is 9Anime.Vc the simplest Site to watch Anime Online?

Because it’s the important 9Anime that we all loved within the past. And it’s now upgraded with new features that make it far better than before. One among the foremost frequent complaints 9Anime got was its numerous ads and pop-ups. But due to its newly-added ad-free feature, ads, pop-ups, and commercials are not any longer existent on the website.

9Anime is not only great but also completely safe to use. And here is that the list of the site’s premium features that you simply can enjoy at no cost.

Extensive content library

This is one among the most important strengths of 9Anime.vc. The website hosts an enormous collection of anime with thousands of titles from all genres and subgenres. All titles include English subs and dubs. You’ll be able to even watch anime shows that aren’t allowed on national TV channels on 9Anime.vc.

HD Resolution

All videos will automatically play in 720p to supply users with an enhanced watching experience. However, you’ll be able to also adjust the video quality and go as low as 360p just in case your Internet connection isn’t strong enough for high-definition videos.

Seamless streaming experience

Your spilling on 9Anime.vc will be just about as smooth as spread with zero breaks from promotions and pop-ups. Due to the fast loading speed, you may not need to suffer from any lagging or buffering.

Daily database updates

Fun never ends on 9Anime.vc because the site updates its database on a day to day. You’ll be able to visit the website a day to watch new content including the newest releases, requested titles, and random interesting shows.

Friendly interface

No matter how tech-savvy you happen to be, you’ll work out the way to use the site initially glance. If you have already got a selected title in mind, head to the search box. If not, you’ll be able to use the site’s menu bar to filter the content or view the whole site for more suggestions.

Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported

9Anime.vc is compatible with most devices. Therefore, you’ll be able to watch your favorite anime wherever you’re, as long as your device is Internet-enabled. You’ll be able to watch it on the accompany your smartphone and later cast it on your smart TV once you are at home.

Zero ads

The site is totally free from ads, pop-ups, and commercials. Therefore, 9Anime.vc is as safe as Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and any paid streaming service.

No account or registration needed

The site doesn’t require any commitment. You’re not obliged to form an account or register to possess full access to the site’s content library and features. You’ll be able to visit the site for free of charge anime streaming when the mood strikes you, and leave once you are finished. The full process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Best customer service

Although 9Anime.vc may be a free site, they exerting for customer satisfaction. The 9Anime team is at your service 24/7 to help you with any problem that happens during use. If you’ve got any request, inquiry, or query, don’t hesitate to shoot them a message.

With these features, 9Anime.vc deserves the title of “Best site to watch anime online”. However, not all 9Anime.vc sites are safe as most of them are fake and shady. You ought to bookmark 9Anime.vc and use it only. Protect your friends and family from ill-intentioned fake sites by sharing 9Anime.vc with them!

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Top 12 Best Alternatives to 9Anime

Anime is that the source of all the time for entertainment. 9Anime may be a extremely popular anime streaming website for its anime content to be watched online. It also offers the user to download the anime episodes for free of charge. It’s an easy interface proving the shortcut menu to pick the categories of anime TV series and films. You’ll be able to also search for its English subtitles and dubbed videos of its huge library of anime content.

Apart from this, it provides the videos in excellent quality and allows the download quality as per the selection of the user. It’s a free website rendering wide categories of Animes. You’ll be able to sort your search by the newest episodes and seasons. Aside from all its features, you would like not get yourself registered to the present website to access its content. You’ll be able to watch all the most recent and trending seasons of anime TV series on this website. It’s an exquisite collection of anime content as compared to the other website.

Inferable from any issues or reasons, in case you can’t of utilizing 9anime for streaming anime TV series and movies, you’ll have the option to go through this rundown of top 10 options in contrast to 9Anime containing every one of the comparable locales to 9Anime.

1. KissAnime


KissAnime is one among the most straightforward anime streaming destinations offering great anime content to the client. It’s gained notoriety round the globe, particularly in nations like Japan and China. You’ll look for any substance or famous anime series on this site. Additionally, it’s an inside and out assortment of anime and manga series made in Japan. The designer refreshes this site with new and most recent substance routinely.

Thus, you’ll have the option to look for all the freshest seasons and scenes here. Opening it further, you’ll have the option to likewise watch English named and subbed anime recordings in top quality. It likewise upholds the versatile interface, which is direct to get to.

If you might want to get to its issue free interface with none promotions, then, at that point, you might want to encourage enrolled to the current site. In this way, it’s an exquisite site like 9Anime to watch and download anime contents. KissAnime is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

Kiss Anime is one among the least difficult options in contrast to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and network shows.

2. AnimeHeros


AnimeHeros is a free site to watch and download anime motion pictures and network shows. It gives the most secure method for perusing anime content. The speed to download or stack the substance is moreover in the blink of an eye on this site. In addition, it empowers the client to watch the recordings in superior quality going somewhere in the range of 720p and 1080p. Also, you’ll find this website completely hassle-free as there’s no advertisement displayed on its page or while playing the video. The interface is straightforward and interactive. You’ll find your content easily and watch it online or can download it for offline watching. The website also offers English dubbing and underlying video to form it easier for users to access, making it one among the ten major alternatives to 9Anime.

AnimeHeros is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

3. KuroAni


KuroAni is additionally among one among the simplest online streaming websites for anime and cartoon movies. It offers all its content for free of charge and allows the user to navigate through its large content of anime videos. Aside from movies, you’ll be able to also watch anime TV shows and series on this website. It doesn’t invite the registration to permit access on the content available on the anime streaming website. So, you’ll be able to search and watch all the videos without registering yourself to the web site. It’s an excellent resource to be wont to browse anime videos safely.

KuroAni is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

4. GoGoAnime


Like other video streaming applications, GoGoAnime has additionally acquired fame as an anime streaming application. It’s an exquisite interface where you’ll enlist your favourite animes and may watch them anytime. You’ll be able to also download its mobile application for quick access to the videos available on this site. It also offers English subtitles and dubbed version of videos which may be accessed by people from all round the world. Furthermore, you’ll be able to watch videos up here without paying even one penny. The most straightforward a piece of GoGoAnime is that it offers an open conversation stage to its users, where individuals can put thoughts and issues. It also provides speedy and supportive customer help. You’ll search your animes on various genres, release date, watch-list preferences, latest episodes/seasons, and others. This website is usually open you the user innovative ideas and feedback.

GoGoAnime is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

5. Hulu


When it involves the simplest alternative to 9Anime for watching animes online, Hulu is certainly your most suitable option. It’s one among the leading streaming websites which offers premium content of all kinds of TV shows and films. You’ll be able to access live and on-demand channels quickly using this website. Moreover, it’s trendy among users, with quite 20 million subscribers only from the US. So, you’ll imagine its role within the world of entertainment. You’ll be able to also look for your anime TV shows, movies and series on this website and access its vast library. It uses an outsized broadcast network and provides the user with an ocean of videos and other content.

Hulu is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

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6. AnimeUltima


With an in depth database of anime videos and contents, AnimeUltima is one among the simplest 9Anime alternatives for anime lovers. It provides all kinds of anime videos starting from the first version to its dubbed one. You’ll also find other informative contents about the anime drama, TV shows, movies or series. Beside of these, this site offers the decision to survey for the most straightforward anime videos or season and makes occasions and discussions for the fan. Ultimately, it’s an exquisite platform to be navigated by any individual keen on anime movies or series.

AnimeUltima is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

7. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll isn’t a totally free website for watching animes online. It’s free for iOS and Android users, but you would like to buy it to watch videos on a PC. This anime streaming site features a giant collection of anime series, drama, TV shows, and movies with over 15,000 hours of latest and 25,000 episodes and leading anime series videos. You’ll be able to quickly discover a new world of anime videos here and luxuriate in all the foremost recent and trending episodes and season with a high-quality video. You’ll be able to find the dubbed version of videos also together with English subtitles.

Crunchyroll is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

8. Animestreams


With an interactive interface and every one the trending videos on the house page, Animestreams has come up with a comprehensive collection of anime videos which make it a hub for anime TV shows and films. You’ll be able to look for your video using the keyword with one click on its main page. Together with that, you’ll be able to easily discover the continued series or TV shows using the tab present on the menu. Besides, it likewise gives English captions as well as dubbed videos, which are a guide to anime lovers from one side of the world to the other. You’ll not find any pop-ups, ads, or any redirecting links of phishing websites while accessing this site.

Animestreams is one among the simplest alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and television Shows.

9. 123animes


123animes is additionally an excellent anime streaming site like 9Anime. It provides all the newest anime videos and cartoon TV shows and series for free of charge. This website is somehow sort of a social media site for anime users. You’ll be able to chat with other anime fans using its live chat options. Moreover, you’ll also watch the videos in English dubbed and subbed versions. It’s very safe to use and you’ll be able to navigate its content easily using the tabs provided. Of these features make it a pleasant 9Anime alternative.

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10. Animelon


Animemelon is a very unique website because it allows users to find out Nihongo by providing usual language subtitles. You’ll see the japanese subtitles are written within the English alphabet and below it are English translations.

The site is additionally free of pop-ups that’s why you’ll watch without the necessity to shut pop-up ads. It also provides the newest releases and features a chatbox that permits users to interact with one another.

11. Animeflix


Animeflix is another great website that you simply can use to stream popular anime series and films. It’s also one among those rare sites that don’t have pop-ups. Navigation would be a breeze due to this feature. It also features a capable search function which will automatically highlight the anime you’re checking out.

12. 4Anime


4Anime is a specialized site to watch free anime. It features the newest episode releases and boasts an enormous catalog of anime shows.

The best thing about it’s that it doesn’t have pop-up ads which tend to be bothersome a bit like on other websites.

It loads fast and therefore the playback is great.


It is better to avoid visiting any website which provides anything illegally. Again follow your country rules and be safe with any legal sort of legal issues.

The recent shutdown of Kissanime has left fans wondering what’s subsequent neatest thing. We’ve thoroughly reviewed every nook and cranny of 9Anime and deem it worthy together of the simplest Kissanime Alternatives. The caveat we experienced was having ads and pop-ups. These are often easily solved by utilizing Ad Guard Pro.

We hope that the knowledge we’ve provided earlier will facilitate your with the way to Stream 9Anime on Firestick and other devices. Many thanks for reading and stay safe.

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