5 reasons that make pCloud one of the best cloud storage solutions

Reasons that make pCloud one of the best cloud storage solutions – When choosing a cloud storage service, pCloud stands out among the most secure platforms on the Internet. Its headquarters are in Switzerland so you can be completely calm as far as security is concerned: Each of the files and data that you store will always remain safe and without risk of information theft, because they are governed by Swiss law, the strictest on data protection issues.

In addition, it is not only necessary to highlight its security: Its developers have focused on offering an intuitive service that is easy to use for any user .

If you want to know more about this service, keep reading: Below we will give you all the relevant information about pCloud

so that you are encouraged to create an account :

  • 500GB plan for life: A single payment of 122.50 euros. As you read it: You pay this fee and you can have the service forever. No additional charges or fine print. It’s like buying a hard drive in the cloud.
  • 2TB plan for life: 245 euros, also in a one-time payment. By buying this plan you can have that storage space forever, without additional charges or hidden charges.

So, we are going to review the 5 reasons that make this service one of the best cloud storage alternatives, both for security and for economy. Let’s see.

1. Access to any device

If we talk about cloud services, pCloud stands out among the most complete. And, by being able to use it on any device , it offers the possibility of having access to all the information stored from anywhere , and whenever you want. Users can use pCloud in the following versions:

  • pCloud for web: You can enjoy its advantages through a browser, both from a computer and from another device. You just have to go to my.pCloud.com. It will also be necessary to register on the platform to make use of each of its characteristics and functionalities.
  • pCloud Drive: an exclusive option to use from a computer. It is a desktop application, which allows the storage and synchronization of files. In addition, you will have access to all the information that is stored in the cloud. Includes additional features, such as integrated file sharing. If you want more security, you can use pCloud Crypto, which offers better data protection. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • pCloud for mobile: having a mobile device, either Android or iOS, it is possible to have access to all files from anywhere and at any time. It has the Automatic Upload function, which allows you to upload the photos and videos stored on your mobile to the cloud, and can also make a backup of them. In addition, it includes an audio and video player, so you can enjoy your favorite media whenever you want. If you mark some files with Offline Access, you will be able to access them without an Internet connection.

2. Ease of use

This cloud service stands out for being intuitive , making it easy for all users to use. You can access each of the files quickly. All versions of pCloud have a search bar at the top. Just by putting the name of the file you are looking for, you will be able to access it quickly.

In addition, it offers the possibility of using filters . You can perform quick searches, organizing everything through file formats. In a few seconds you will have a list of all the filtered information.

It also has a Recycle Bin folder . Everything you delete is stored here. For free accounts, the files remain intact for 15 days. If it is a subscription account, this period is extended to 30 days. From here you can recover files, or, if you wish, delete them permanently.

3. Server location

To offer a service with excellent data protection, at the time of registration the user will have the opportunity to choose where they want all their information to be stored. pCloud maintains two locations: Dallas, Texas – United States and Luxembourg – European Union . Each of the centers where all the data is stored has undergone an exhaustive evaluation, in order to offer a secure and highly reliable platform.

4. Security and maximum protection

One of its great advantages is the security system it offers when storing files. In this sense, pCloud uses TLS / TSS encryption , ensuring the protection of everything that is stored on the servers. As this aspect is so important, all the information is kept in three copies on five different servers. These are housed in a highly secure data storage area.

In addition, the pCloud Crypto service is offered . If the user subscribes, they will have features like client-side encryption. This allows files to be encrypted and kept password protected. The key will remain in the possession of the user, so they can maintain control of all their data and information.

Also, since you are based in Switzerland, you must abide by the privacy laws of this country. This is how part of its security is based on Swiss data protection. In this way, each of the user data is kept protected, ensuring a safe and reliable platform.

5. Ease of sharing files

Another of its most striking features is related to the ability to share files with other users. pCloud offers a range of options to achieve this:

  • Invite to Folder: With this feature, you can give other users access to folders. It will be possible to manage the permissions and access levels, these being View, Edit and Manage. Once the invitation is accepted, the shared folder will be accessed. At the time that the user wishes, he may revoke access.
  • Shared links: Without the need for an account in pCloud, it is possible to have access to certain files. For this it will be necessary to share a link, through which the file can be viewed and downloaded. Also, if it is updated, when the person accesses the link, they will be able to see the modified file. You can also perform this procedure with folders. It is recommended to protect with a password or an expiration date for added security.
  • File requests: Other users, even without a pCloud account, will be able to share their files with you. You just have to send requests to receive the information, and it will be organized in a specific space. All the files that are requested will be stored on this same site.
  • Exploring each of the most relevant features of pCloud, it is easy to see that it is a fairly reliable and comprehensive cloud service. Above all, the paramount in this platform is security. In this sense, it offers total protection of data and information. If you want to know more you just have to visit the official website .

Finally, we want to remember the great Black Friday offer on pCloud Premium 500 GB and Premium Plus 2 TB. You can have 500GB for your whole life for the price of 122.5 EUR or even more storage – 4 times more – for twice that price, that is, 245 EUR.

If you need even more storage, pCloud offers 4 TB for life, for double the price, 490 EUR. If you already have 500 GB and want more, you can add 2 TB and have 2.5 TB in total. It is the best way to never worry about storing your data again, at the best price on the market. If you don’t like how it works, you have 10 days to request a refund. Don’t miss the offer !

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