5 Easy Ways to Attach a Second Monitor to Your Laptop

Attach a Second Monitor to Your Laptop: Working in the office, most people have plenty of space to place an extra monitor. This additional monitor enables users to work smartly. They can use one of the screens as the actual working screen while the other one to conduct research. For writing professionals, two monitors are quite helpful. They can easily switch between their document in progress on one screen to the inspirational content on the other. Similarly, computer software programmers can also use two screens to work efficiently.

During the ongoing pandemic, many people are working from home. In such a case, they may require an additional monitor to work. They may even use the extra monitor to watch movies with their Cox internet plans (during free time of course!). However, they may not know how to attach a second monitor to the laptop. To learn how you can do so, go through the following passages.

External Display Connectors

Many laptops have an additional port that allows users to attach a monitor. It may look like an HDMI port. However, they may be smaller in size. Macbooks and Windows laptops can easily connect to them. You can connect an additional monitor to your Macbook or Windows laptop with the help of these ports that act as display connectors.

Use an adaptor or cable to establish a connection. For different devices, you may require different cable types. You may have to visit the market to buy an adaptor that can convert your HDMI port to a connector port. If the cable is not suitable for connection, then you will need to buy an adaptor so that it can easily connect to the port.

USB-C Ports

It may happen that your laptop does not have a display connector. In such a case, you can use a USB connection to attach a second monitor. USB-C ports are present in many devices. All you have to do is attach a cable from the port to your second monitor. In case the USB-C port is not present on your laptop, then you can use traditional USB ports as well. With the help of external hubs, you can add more ports to your computer. Normally, these allow ports users to connect an additional monitor with ease. You can also use external dongles to attach the second monitor.


You may have an unused tablet in your house. Instead of buying a new monitor, you can simply use it to connect to your laptop. The Apple sidecar is present in the Mac operating system.

It allows users to connect an iPad to the Macbook. A USB-C port or a lightning cable will allow you to do so. However, if you do not have Apple products, then you can use third-party applications to connect your Android tablets to Windows laptops. DuetDisplay is one of the best applications that allow users to do so.

Attachable and Portable Monitors

If you are not looking for the above options, then you can simply buy monitors that are designed as a default to act as secondary laptop displays. They can simply attach to the back of a laptop screen. You can slide them to the side of the laptop when you want to use them. However, when you have used the display, then you can simply slide it back in.

This is a safe way of using an additional screen. However, if you are not interested in carrying an additional screen with you all the time, then you can invest in a portable screen. You can choose to carry such a screen or not. Preferably, keep your portable monitor in your laptop bag at all times except when in use. With the help of a suitable USB-C type port or lightning cable, you can connect it to the laptop at any time.


For people who have a smartphone, are tech-savvy, and use smartphones to do work, an additional screen may not be necessary. Such users can use a laptop and the screen of the smartphone to manage their work with ease.

They can use the smartphone to view their emails and chats. However, they can dedicate their laptop to do the actual office work. With such an approach, they can get more done without getting involved in the hassle of connecting display connectors, USB-C ports, or lightning cables.

These are some of the best and simplest ways to attach an extra screen to your laptop to work effectively. If you do, you can save a lot of time in shifting to different apps on the same screen. Simply divide the type of work you do on both the screens to work with efficiency and ease.

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