This is the world’s first 3D virtual reality sports museum: Meet the World Athletics Museum

This is the world’s first 3D virtual reality sports museum: Meet the World Athletics Museum – The technology museums service is something we’ve talked a lot. And now one more is added to the Webs to visit various museums around the world : World Athletics has announced the launch of a 3D virtual reality athletics museum, a drive for innovation and creative technologies unprecedented for the world of sport. Known as the MOWA, the Museum of World Athletics ™ is the first sports museum of its kind to emerge in the digital world.

Another use of virtual reality : It offers visitors an interactive journey through the history of athletics and its flagship event, the World Athletics Championships, highlighting many sports legends and historical objects that have been donated to the museum.

This initiative offers a unique digital and sports activation experience . In the same space, champions from each continent who have left their mark on athletics are harmoniously presented and each edition of the Athletics World Cups is celebrated, thanks above all to the objects donated by athletes that will help tell you the history of this sport.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said the World Athletics Museum is the perfect platform to showcase the vast heritage of athletics, a fundamental sport and the number one of the Olympic sports.

“We are delighted to be the first international sports federation to offer the world a 3D virtual reality sports museum,” said Lord Coe. “With MOWA, sports and museum fans around the world will be able to discover the fascinating history of athletics and the incredible achievements of our athletes without geographical limitations. It is especially exciting to launch this project at a time when the pandemic is limiting the ability of fans to attend sporting events or visit museums in person.

“ Athletics is the most accessible and diverse sport in the world, and we wanted the museum to reflect these values ​​by making the platform accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are and what device they are using. «

Virtual reality and 3D at MOWA

This is the world's first 3D virtual reality sports museum: Meet the World Athletics Museum, World Athletics Museum

To create the museum, World Athletics partnered with the digital sports company dcSPORT, led by 2004 Olympic gold medalist and 60m indoor world champion Jason Gardener, who brought his passion and expertise in athletics to the project. .

Thanks to the most advanced 3D technology, the MOWA is designed to look like a real building , with spectacular galleries that create an interesting and attractive sense of realism. The virtual museum gives visitors a sense of movement, energy, and purpose as they explore space. An easy-to-use map allows you to easily navigate the exhibits.

Jason Gardener said: “One of the biggest technical challenges was creating a digital environment in which the modeling of historical objects donated by athletes would appear real.”

To ensure that the photographic reproduction and the quality and clarity of the graphics were perfect, all objects, including competition uniforms, spikes and medals, were photographed at 360 degrees with a photo taken every 10 degrees, for a total of 36 images per object. The clarity of the graphics and the quality of the photographic reproduction are state-of-the-art.

Jason Gardener added: ‘To provide a fluid and interactive user interface, the museum includes other carefully thought out details, such as the lanes of a running track on the virtual floor to guide visitors, and even presents the shadows of objects, providing a compelling immersive experience for sports fans and museums. “

Innovative and flexible technologies

Hosted in the cloud through a content management system with a resource library that includes all videos and images, the virtual museum, which required six months of hard work to bring to life, can be easily updated.

The tool has been designed so that the museum can evolve over time as the history of athletics is written. World Athletics will continue to add new features and galleries, starting with an Olympic exhibition, which will open before the start of the Tokyo Olympics in July.

The fact: The museum has been created using cutting-edge technologies such as 3D Max Design and immersive XR / web technologies, as well as 8K resolution images to give the virtual museum a very realistic appearance.

The Museum of World Athletics ™ (MOWA) is now accessible for free in two languages, English and French, and is available on the official World Athletics website via the following link: http: //

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